mum care

If you are looking for a colorful addition to your fall landscape, mums are a great way to go. The variety of bright colors you can find with mums are endless. Different shades of red, orange, yellow, white, purple, copper, or gold capture the eye and give a nice contrast to greens in the landscape. Mums are also known for holding their nice shape and size!

Although mums are a fall favorite, there are some things to keep in mind before planting a mum. If you have ever had trouble keeping a mum alive from one year to the next, you are not alone. Although mums in our area are considered perennial, meaning they come back year after year, many mums still do not survive our harsh winters. This is mainly because they typically do not have time to establish their root systems before winter due to the tendency of mid to late fall planting. Fortunately there are several steps you can take to help ensure their winter survival.

Step #1 - Plant early! As soon as mums are available to buy, you should try to get them planted; the sooner the better! Using root stimulator is also a helpful product that will help the root system flourish in a shorter time-frame. 

Step #2 - Apply a heavy layer of mulch! This will add extra protection for the root system over the winter. 

Step #3 - Plant in an area of low wind and that will stay sunny over the winter.